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January 1, 2017

It's great that you're here!  I really mean that.  You typed 'counselling' into your search engine and found your way here.  It's incredible.  So many people lack even the courage to do that.  Instead they allow themselves to suffer alone.  It's a big problem. 


Why don't people seek counselling when they need help?  There could be any number of reasons. 


Some people don't realise they need help, others don't believe anyone can help. 


Some people feel embarrassed to talk about personal issues with a stranger, others don't want to admit they have a problem. 


Furthermore, some people worry that talking will only make it worse. 


Some people feel excluded from mental health services whereas others simply feel it's not for them. 


Whatever the reason, I'll try and make it easier for you.  I'm not saying counselling is easy.  It can seem difficult and confusing at times.  You'll have to work at it but that's no surprise, right?  After all, nothing worth having ever came easy. 


The good news is, you've done the hard part.  You typed 'counselling' into your search engine and found your way here.  Now why not take the next step and contact me to arrange a meeting?  You're not alone anymore. 

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