January 4, 2018

If you feel tired of life, lack energy and motivation, take little pleasure in your work or the things you once enjoyed, I am here to listen.

If you feel shattered by the loss of something that you cared about, or someone that you loved, if your life feels out of control, I will help you put the pieces back together.

If you feel scared and alone, confused, or ashamed, if the world seems indifferent to your suffering, you are not alone.  I am here for you. 

If you have started to distance yourself from others, or noticed yourself becoming impatient with the people you love, if you are becoming irritable or even angry, you are not alone.  I feel your pain. 

If you are concerned that your lifestyle is no longer sustainabl...

April 10, 2017

Psychodynamic counselling or psychotherapy (the terms may be used interchangeably) is derived from the work of Sigmund Freud and the early psychoanalysts but is fundamentally located in the present.

Simultaneously, the psychodynamic counsellor is concerned with the client’s life experiences whilst being quite preoccupied with the present moment.  It is the present moment that guides the psychotherapist as he or she seeks to understand what is happening both inside and outside of the consulting room. 

The psychodynamic counsellor needs to feel close enough to the client to maintain empathy and trust (otherwise known as the ‘therapeutic alliance’) but distant enough to retain the capacity to think independently. 

If you hadn’t g...

January 1, 2017

It's great that you're here!  I really mean that.  You typed 'counselling' into your search engine and found your way here.  It's incredible.  So many people lack even the courage to do that.  Instead they allow themselves to suffer alone.  It's a big problem. 

Why don't people seek counselling when they need help?  There could be any number of reasons. 

Some people don't realise they need help, others don't believe anyone can help. 

Some people feel embarrassed to talk about personal issues with a stranger, others don't want to admit they have a problem. 

Furthermore, some people worry that talking will only make it worse. 

Some people feel excluded from mental health services whereas others simply...

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